Why should anyone and everyone use the StockProphet® App?

StockProphet® App offers a risk-free way for both novice and experienced traders to keep up with current trends, participate in a forum, and trade in a stock simulator through our Fantasy League competition, without the fear of losing real money.

Phrophetic StockProphet® Facts

My whole life has brought me to this point. I would research everything I ever bought. A new gas grill, a house paint or even a new lawn mower. I wanted the best price for the best grill with the longevity and reliability of whatever it was I was looking at. I would look at the way it looked, reviews, price, value. I could spend a week, maybe two or more until I found the “best” in my opinion. I loved the whole process. Trading stocks can be very exciting and be very rewarding, but you have to be willing to do research and learn what works for you. You can’t rely on the Stockprophet only to make you a successful stock picker. You have to learn, read, and get a “feeling” of what you are good at and what you’re not good at. This App is based on my success as an individual trader. I trade mostly small cap stocks, and I also trade Options here and there. I invest in stocks whose companies are either making money or breaking even. Biotech, communication/Information technology are my favorites categories. This App is merely a starting point for you.

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Why should anyone or everyone use the StockProphet® App?

With our Fantasy League Simulator and Stock Forum, you can learn from other successful traders and you can lose your profits in a Fantasy League and NOT in reality! Learn from the mistakes of others because you can never make all them yourself in a lifetime!

All three subscriptions include a stock watch list, indicator charts, news feeds, financials, company profiles and a chat forum each stock. The Silver & Gold subscriptions for each stock have real-time quotes. As a bonus, included are two pools of stocks using the StockProphet’s proprietory formula from many years of trading stocks. The two pools consist of one overbought/overvalued pool called the “Short Pool” and second pool for oversold/undervalued stocks is called the “Long Pool”

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StockProphet® Bronze – FREE

Subscription consisting of a 50 stock watch list, indicator charts, news feeds, financials, forum and chat rooms.

StockProphet® Silver – $1.99/mo

All of what Bronze has and more!  The watch list increases to 75 and an addition of two weekly pools.  The first pool is an overbought/overvalued pool called the “Short Pool” and second pool for oversold/undervalued stocks is called the “Long Pool”. You will receive between 50-75 Stocks in each pool to do research on.

StockProphet® Gold – $3.99/mo

All of the Silver subscription, plus the watch list increases to 150 of your own selected stocks to watch! These two pools increase to between 75-100 stocks in each. This gives you even better choices for you Fantasy League stock portfolio! Added Bonus is the Fantasy Stock League! Compete against members to see who's worthy of the top awards, including prizes of Amazon gift cards for the top five spots each month!

Enjoy this App and remember, never let anyone steal your dreams.